Sophie has great breadth in the range of topics she presents. The Future of Work is a broad field with many inter-dependent and related elements. Sophie tailors speeches and workshops to the specific needs of the presentation, purpose and audience.

Important current categories include talent management; digital transformation; engagement and retention; bridging intergenerational communication gaps; and the new dynamics of careers and career planning. Please read more detail below and email us if you would like to more about any of these or related topics.

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How to Manage and Motivate Distributed Workers

In Future-of-Work environments, each member of the workforce must be able to engage, collaborate, and contribute effectively according to their responsibilities from wherever they are. Sophie talks about management methodologies and personalization technology that allow distributed workers to be included and properly supported enabling them to be as engaged and productive as possible. Integrating remote workers seamlessly is important whether they are employees or independent contractors, and accommodating different roles, working styles, and desired communications means and or applications where possible.

Featured Topic


Context and Bridging Gaps in a Multigenerational Workforce:

Context is critical. So many workplaces are rife with misinterpretations, judgments, polarized opinions and unhelpful labels. Intergenerational misunderstandings and communications at cross-purposes are at the core of many of these unproductive interactions and negative experiences. Sophie shares solutions such as purposeful over-communication to voice and agree assumptions and consciously set a common context for discussion. 

Career Experience Management and the Blended Workforce:

The corporate career realm is ripe for innovation. With the demise of the traditional "linear, continuous, compounding" career, the emphasis is shifting to career experience management. This also includes independent contractors who are becoming a larger portion of the standard overall corporate workforce. The new, latticed corporate careers that are emerging include lateral and diagonal transitions as well as the traditional vertical path. At the same time, with a dynamic workforce flowing in and out of companies including more contingent workers, the boundaries of the corporation are becoming even more dotted and less defined. 

Beyond 9 to 5: The Future of Work Is Now:

The radical overhaul of work has first to do with technological advances facilitating change to catch up with societal developments, as well as the desire/need to engage workers through individualized working profiles and increase productivity. Sophie discusses how smartphones and changing expectations are driving new ways of working, including an increasingly distributed workforce who needs different support and monitoring. Latticed careers in flatter organizations are Millennials’ inherent reality, and the rise of independent contractors is changing the workforce composition.

The Ebb and Flow of People and Work:

The evolving workplace and workforce dynamics include corporations’ less-defined boundaries, increasing leverage of freelancers and new retention-focused job rotation. Sophie explains professionals’ new necessary focus on income not jobs. She discusses the consequent impact of all these on employers, workers and their work environment(s).

The Challenge (and Opportunity) of Corporate Happiness: 

‘Happiness’ is closely associated with employee well-being and an equivalent for engagement – correlating with productivity, and impacting hiring, retention, and customer satisfaction. Sophie discusses how ‘happiness’ can be defined differently by every employee, so companies need first to understand what actually resonates and what makes sense. Sophie talks about measurement elements to support effective implementation and realize the bottom line benefits.

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