Proactive Measures

Proactive Measures

Proactive, personal involvement is becoming essential for the successful advancement of your business, workforce, and teams. The technologically-accelerated pace of business dictates a more involved and flexible approach: KPIs can have shorter time horizons; and decision-making is pushed further down in the organization to be able to respond in a timely manner. Purposeful and pre-emptive change is important to remain competitive.

Technology transformation is disrupting business models and processes. Every company has a different culture and vision, interpreted by their particular group of employees. Thoughtful determination of the workplace environment is growing in importance as well as customized talent-specific elements. 

If the active involvement of your workforce is stimulated—leaders, managers, and team members alike—each person can better: align with the company culture and respond fully to new accountability; develop an optimized personalized work situation; and design and successfully manage a self-directed career.

Progress Metrics: 

Key quantitative and qualitative metrics are thoughtfully identified and selected in order to be able to track progress towards your desired Future-of-Work environment. These are particular to your company and workforce and determined by the areas that are in transition. These measurements are also important during trials and for making other refinements as plans are implemented.

The Principles: 

First principles are an essential part of the methodology, obliging executives to create distance from their prevailing circumstances. Stepping back from standard operating practices, they are compelled to consider the business based on its fundamental elements. In this way, significant technology- and talent-related changes may be incorporated into a new and distinct vision of a desired Future-of-Work environment.

The Process: 

An information briefing launches the process. It is critical to ensure that all key players have a thorough understanding of the current trends and detailed developments, as well as anticipated changes ahead and the evolution forecast. A first principles approach is utilized to develop a projection for any area where transformation is desired before the current status is evaluated as a benchmark for any future progress. A diverse transition team is essential to give relevant inputs in development of strategic plans and supporting trials and refinements before company-wide rollout is executed upon.

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