Embracing Progress

Embracing Progress

PROGRESS is at the heart of the American Dream and the significant ongoing workforce and workplace changes. Technological advances are enabling new ways of working that are long overdue—responding to decades of societal evolution and new understanding about what actually engages workers and increases productivity.

The future workplace heralds such a radical departure from the past that we cannot use history to predict it. Companies are best disrupting, or ‘hacking’, their own business models and operating practices to embark upon their digital transformation. In parallel, the talent focus of the Future-of-Work environment involves unprecedented active engagement.

In her new book, Sophie shares her expertise and insights, supported by research and experience, to explain the evolving work environment and outlines how you can take the next steps to transform your company successfully.

About the Book

Sophie recommends using first principles in order to step back from how your company is run today and examine the fundamental truths of how the business could operate optimally. Using this approach, leaders are best able to project a new, viable vision for their workforce and workplace. 

When preparing to take your first or next steps to transition to a competitive Future-of-Work environment, Sophie emphasizes four Priorities – Engagement, Personalization, Integration, and Choice. These are critical elements to modify for the emerging digitally-transformed and talent-focused workplace.

There are six Pillars of your organization that Sophie identifies in the book to review and evolve to move your company forward. These are: Technology; Culture and Mindset; Leadership, Transparency and Hierarchy; Productivity, Performance, and Creativity; Policies, Frameworks, and Environment; and Careers, Freelancers, and Learning. 

Many adaptations are involved which require thought and attention with significant reward accruing all round. Sophie believes it is critical to advance for your company's sustained success. Find out how you can embrace progress for the benefit of your workforce and the bottomline. 

About the Book



CEO Faith Popcorn’s



Sophie Wade has been deeply immersed in the Future of Work for several years, starting with her focus on workplace flexibility. She shares many brilliant insights about the changing demands of the workforce and explains how the workplace is being radically altered forever. Her approach is organic, continually absorbing and developing new perspectives illuminating the evolution of the Future of Work. The applications are so helpful supporting companies’ adaptations to this very new way of working. You can’t go forward without it!

Sophie Wade is a prime example that the most imaginative and insightful ideas come from those few among us comfortable traversing traditionally siloed fields and cross pollinating great ideas. Just as Steve Jobs turned his fascination with calligraphy into an unlikely, differentiating cornerstone of the early Apple experience, Wade delivers countless insights premised on her ability to demonstrate how hard won learning from one field can revolutionize "the way forward" when applied in another. Embracing Progress is must reading for anyone curious about the future of work and the changing topography of modern life.” 


Work+Life Thought Leader,


Coburn Ventures

As the opening speaker for the MAKE WORK FIT LIFE Conference, Sophie’s breadth of knowledge about the Future of Work lays the foundation for critical action steps among employers looking to attract and retain top talent.

Sophie is a catalyst. She both explains the new working circumstances clearly as well as giving thoughtful direction about what to expect going forward and how to adapt successfully.

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