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Sophie spends much time with corporations and individuals understanding their challenges and supporting their transition to the Future of Work environment. She shares insights and learnings from her discussions with employers, academics and employees, from interviews, workshops, conferences and panels in her regular published pieces. 

Publications include Fortune, SAP’s Digitalist Magazine and the Huffington Post. Topics cover a broad range including Progress and Productivity; Technology and Millennials; Talent Management and Engagement; Workplace Flexibility; and New Career Paradigms.

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Are You Investing in Your Long-Term Future? New Study Shows the Critical Role of Technology.

Technology advances are perhaps the most significant catalysts and drivers of the evolution toward Future-of-Work environments. Companies that are slow to adapt, adopt, and integrate technology are losing substantially more than just the benefit of more efficient and effective ways of operating. An organization’s future success can be considerably undermined by a lack of investment in the long-term to realize the business’ digitally-transformed potential, resulting in insufficient support of workforce innovation or the inability to attract younger talent as the engine of future growth.

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